1. Hi everyone, this is going to be very brief. I’d like to start by apologizing for going completely dark for a very long time. After the KS went kersplat I had to focus my time and energies on crippling depression and other pressing things.

    I have been hard at work on the game. There are a lot of uncertainties regarding the production, but I hope to have a playable and online build for you to try in early 2015. The time spent since the KS has let me improve the gameplay and push the project into a different, imo better, direction. I hope you enjoy it. More updates will appear here…later on.

    If you have any questions about specifics, I’d be happy to answer them privately. Please have a nice day. :)

    ps if you forgot that you were following this blog and you really don’t care anymore, i won’t be mad or upset at you for unfollowing, and i consider you a really sweet and cool person for ever following this page at all.

  2. So, it seems the ideal level to make is one that is difficult, so the person dies a few times, but not so difficult that they just give up and leave?

    I would say the ideal level is one that is difficult, but manageable with the proper strategy. Levels where players give up and return to town are less likely to get chosen by the server than levels where players die a few times but ultimately finish.

  3. Welcome to the Development Blog!

    Hi everyone, I’m working on a new game called Wicked Crush. There’s a lot of work done, but still lots more work left before completion.

    This blog exists to let you in on the development process with (at least) bi-weekly updates on the status of the project, along with insights on the particulars of the development team.

    Feel free to ask questions and I will answer them as best I can.

    For this first entry I’m going to talk about a variety of things that I think are interesting, while at the same time shamelessly plugging the Kickstarter.

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